Company events

For companies we
offer entertainment options aiming at:

  • Strategic
    "laser war" which moves and merges a company
  • Team-builder
    personality-developing training games
  • IR (Infrared)
    Battle enriched with adventure-based effects
  • (Star Wars, Terminator,
    Wild West, the Godfather)
  • Extreme rope
    technique tasks full of adrenaline
  • Problem-solving and
    communication-developing GPS-based orientation
  • Karaoke and
    projection which merges sympathy and friendship
  • Catering ranging
    from camp eats to a trendy dinner.
  • Also, we are open to any
    other special idea!
  • Contact:
  •   06-30-754-80-28 -
    Varga Zsolt
  •   06-30-280-61-79 -
    Monostori Tamás