Games On The Grund

Éljen a Grund!Éljen a Grund!

Long live to "Grund"!

Redshirts and Pál Street Boys fought 100 years ago to possess the "Grund". In the wake of Nemecsek, Boka and Feri Áts, you can fight for the small lot but now they cannot take it away!
Pál Street Boys will defend, to their last breath, the castles against Redshirts attacking from behind Janó`s house.
The winner will be the team that has eliminated all players of enemy and occupied the territory!



Get the flag

Get the flag - and the "Grund" will be yours!
Applying an appropriate tactics, Redshirts will try to get the hidden flag which is kept by the Pál Street Boys in their castle.
Let the better win!
For you, the aim is to get a flag hidden in the castle and to deliver it to your base.
Should a player carrying the flag be eliminated, his mate may carry on taking it. Bravery and a proper strategy are of major importance.


Védd meg Nemecseket!Védd meg Nemecseket!

Defend Nemecsek!

Nemecsek suffering from bad health, previously thrown into a cold pond is the hero of Pál Street Boys. If the Feri Áts team can catch him, the "Grund" will belong to the Redshirts.
Your aim will be to catch Nemecsek suffering from bad health and thereby to have a control over the castles and the "Grund".
Pál Street Boys will do their best to defend their hero.




Einstand! - said Pasztors and simply took away glass balls from the Pál Street Boys. However, now it won`t be so easy for them because Pál Street Boys use Infrared weapons to defend their glass balls. Make an attempt ...
Your team - as Pál Street Boys - will have to defend glass balls located at different corners of the "Grund", which the Redshirts try to get.